iMovR Demonstrates ELEVON™ Ergonomic Keyboard Tray
at the ErgoExpo conference in Las Vegas

The most ergonomically-adjustable keyboard tray ever created is the first to be specifically designed to work with standing desks and treadmill desks


Las Vegas, NV – November 15, 2016 – iMovR, maker of the broadest line of products in the office fitness industry–including standing desks, treadmill desks and sit-stand meeting tables–is debuting the new Elevon™ Keyboard Tray for Standing Desks and Walking Desks this week at the National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo in Las Vegas.

Touted as the most ergonomically-adjustable keyboard tray ever created, the Elevon incorporates iMovR’s patented SteadyType™ keyboard platform, first introduced as a built-in feature of the company’s line of Omega™ desks two years ago. SteadyType is a rock-steady platform that will tilt any keyboard up to an angle as extreme as 85 degrees, though typical usage is between an optimum range of 25 and 40 degrees.

Ordinary keyboard trays, which were designed for sitting, only tilt to maximum of 15 degrees because there’s insufficient room to go any steeper without hitting the user’s lap. However, when standing (or walking at a treadmill desk), steeper angles are much more ergonomic, allowing the user’s arms and hands to hang loosely in a more “neutral” and relaxed position.

According to Ron Wiener, CEO of iMovR and co-inventor of the Elevon, “a very common misconception in our industry is that forearms held up at a 90-degree angle to the body while working at a standing desk is “neutral,” but this is a carryover from thirty year old ergonomic studies of computer users whose arms were support by chair arm rests. The SteadyType tray is first on the market to achieve these more comfortable angles, promoting greater typing proficiency while reducing the potential for repetitive strain injuries from long periods of computer use.

In addition to the tilting SteadyType keyboard platform, the Elevon has left and right side panels that also tilt, but at a 45-degree angle to the rotational axis of the keyboard tray. This allows users, for the first time ever, to have completely neutral wrist positions while holding a mouse, trackball or other pointing device. Movable pins on the side panels can be changed around to create a “nest” for any pointing device, and to partition off space behind it that can be used to hold a user’s cell phone or other personal items.

“The Elevon brings the user’s desk right up to their body, surrounding them in an ergonomic arc, or cockpit, that maximizes their ability to type and mouse around while keeping their shoulders back, arms and wrists neutral, and assisting with good posture,” says Andy Rosenbaum, iMovR’s CTO. The Elevon was developed over a period of four years of research and consultation with medical professionals and ergonomics engineers.

Unlike typical ergonomic keyboard trays which can take an hour to install using drills and screwdrivers, the Elevon mounts in just 30 seconds to any height-adjustable desk. Sit-stand desks commonly have crossbars running between the lifting legs, directly underneath the tabletop, that get in the way of installing traditional retractable keyboard trays. The Elevon design requires only 8 inches of clearance depth beneath the desktop, allowing it to mount to most any standing desk (or treadmill desk) on the market. It is also just as easily removable, and portable.

The surface finishes of the Elevon are 3D-laminated for extreme durability and ease of cleaning, and will be available in an assortment of solid and woodgrain colors similar to those offered on iMovR’s desks and tables. The entire device will ship completely pre-assembled and ready for immediate use.

Treadmill desk users who have long suffered from pain and pressure on the base of their palms from trying to hold their hands in a steady position over the keycaps while walking will find the Elevon an indispensable addition to their workstations. Treadmill desk users typically use slightly steeper keyboard angles than standing desk users, to eliminate swaying over the keycaps and to leave the arms and hands completely relaxes. SteadyType users find that their typing proficiency while walking, standing and sitting are all equalized when working at these more ergonomic angles.

Bellevue, WA based iMovR demonstrated an earlier prototype of the Elevon at this ergonomics conference last year, to rave reviews. The company now plans to launch the product on Kickstarter in January, 2017, after which it will retail for $399. For early bird notification of the Kickstarter campaign, and to see photos and more product information, please visit or contact iMovR at (888) 208-6770.

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